A Tick is a Tick is a Tick ?  (part 2)

A Tick is a Tick is a Tick ? (part 2)

by Dr Michael Woodcock

There is no truth in the stories of twisting the tick clockwise or leaving behind the head for the tick to regrow its body. So it is best off to ensure we have removed the tick so that no more toxin is being injected. Once removed it is a good idea to to keep the tick to bring in to the veterinary clinic for identification.    …..

In most cases as the poison is a neurotoxin, it affects the hind legs initially then moves to the forelegs and chest, though all tick paralysis cases are different and each symptom can occur at a different stage.   …..

An experienced veterinarian with the right equipment will give your pet the best chance of survival.

The above is an excerpt from the first few pages within Dr Michael’s “Tick” 10 page eBook ! If you want to be prepared this tick season (they are active!), download this eBook (click here) !

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