A Tick is a Tick is a Tick ?

A Tick is a Tick is a Tick ?

by Dr Michael Woodcock

Throughout the year in this Hinterland region of the Gold Coast we will find paralysis ticks on our animals. We can also find other ticks – commonly known as cattle ticks, scrub ticks and brown dog ticks.  It is very important to identify the type of tick you find because the paralysis tick can kill your pet within 3 – 4 days !       …….

In our area the most common time to find ticks about is from July through to January. The tick prefers this Spring into Summer period and is often predominant after a period of rainy weather. The tick does not seem to be able to handle the extreme heat of Summer in the January/February period and after March numbers reduce as we head into Autumn.  In some areas like Tamborine Mountain [and West Gold Coast – Bonogin, Cangura, Advancetown] they can be found year round due to the cooler, more wet rainforest areas.

The above is an excerpt from the first few pages within Dr Michael’s “Tick” 10 page eBook ! If you want to be prepared this tick season (they are active!), download this eBook (click here) !


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