Legislation that affects YOU !

Legislation that affects YOU !

If you have a currently de-sexed pet, ignore this blog post as this won’t affect you. Lucky you! You’re a smart pet owner.

Gold Coast City Council LOGO Gold Coast City Council has implemented a new Animal Management Legislation that requires all  breeders of cats and dogs to obtain permits, and follow a Code of Practice.

The new legislation requires anybody who owns a cat or dog and intends to breed, including hobby  breeders and commercial breeding establishments, to hold a current breeder permit.

The long overdue breeder permits and Code of Practice have been designed specifically to ensure that the current oversupply of animals, and consequent euthanasia rates, are kept to a minimum in the future.

They will also encourage breeders of cats and dogs in the Gold Coast City area to consider their responsibilities as breeders.

The Code of Practice covers a number of areas of breeding including:

  • animal enclosure and housing
  • sourcing of animals
  • food and water
  • hygiene
  • socialisation, exercise, training, and enrichment
  • health care
  • breeding and rearing of young animals
  • transfer of ownership
  • record keeping

This welcome development will hopefully go a long way towards ensuring safe and healthy conditions for all cats and dogs across the Gold Coast.

In order to avoid being an unwanted breeder contact the Gold Coast City Council regarding subsidised de-sexing on 5509 9001 !

Further information regarding Animal Management Legislation can be obtained from the Gold Coast City Council on 5581 6664, or at goldcoast.qld.gov.au/animals.

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  1. Van, have we found out how we report these people. I am quite happy to go through the weekend paper and report everyone of them.

  2. Hey Jodi

    Outside of Animal Management I’ve no idea unfortunately. If anyone ever has information, I’d love to know myself 🙂

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