Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue – Mocha + Latte

My visit to the Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue in early August. or  0408 263 455

I met Alex who is the very hard working and passionate person behind the rescue.

Then I checked on Mocha and Latte aka “the boys”.  Mocha is the tri colour stripe “piggie” and Latte is the dark brindle “piggie”.  Both were in great health when I visited ! ( They were also enjoying the sunshine + some freedom whilst their hutch was cleaned by Alex )

Mocha and Latte were named by the Gold Coast Pets Facebook Community.  I also donated $50 to the organisation on behalf of both Gold Coast Pet Sitting as well as the Gold Coast Pets Facebook Community to “sponsor” Mocha + Latte.

As of 16 August (2010), they’re available for adoption !  They only available for adoption as a pair. Please contact Alex at the Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue if you would love to adopt them (or many of the other “piggies” available for adoption) !


  1. Evening all. It seems we have acquired a 4 legged furry creature (at least til Monday) Adriana is obsessed w/ her Callie the guinea pig

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