Friday the 13th !

Friday the 13th !

It’s Friday the 13th !!  *que scary music*

Do you believe black cats are bad luck or good luck ?

Have you shared your life with a black cat or cats ?  Tell us your story !

I’ve shared my life with many black cats and quite a few mostly black cats. I would say they were more Good Luck than bad. Well, I felt blessed by having them in my life.

The earliest black cat I shared my life with was Pixie.  She was a slender black cat that had this “thing” about sucking one of her nipples. She was named Pixie because when we (my family) bought her she was quite a small girl !  Then she grew up … and well she wasn’t so small!

The next black cat I remember was only a kitten named Blackie.  Blackie loved to follow me around my street.  This was back in the days when the Gold Coast wasn’t so populated and there were only 5 houses on where is now quite a populated area and street.  There was bushland at the end of the street (at the time) which you had to exit my street and cross a road to reach.  It was a white car and a “crack” I’ll remember for the rest of my life.  It is also why I’m intolerant of people having an outdoor cat (and will keep my own cat or cats inside as much as possible or only outside under supervision).

Another one…  yet she wasn’t full black because was more a dark brindle colour (black with tortoiseshell markings)… Bibs.  I grew up with this cat.  She lived to a ripe ol’ age of 14 years before I had to help her transition to The Rainbow Bridge.  I’ll remember Bibs for the rest of my life as she shared my teenage years and young adult-hood with me. She was my best friend.

Photo of Puddy - Black Cat

Puddy * RIP *

Then last but not least was Puddy.  He came into my life via my flatmate at the time.  He was also already around 3 years of age.  He was also the nemesis to my cat, Bibs.  They did NOT like each other.  He liked Bibs however Bibs only “tolerated” him because she “had” to do so ! *lol*  He had some affectionate nicknames such as Hungry Hungry Hippo (in relation to his love of food), Darth Puddy or Darth Fat (in relation to his special breathing and snoring), Satan’s Familiar (as much as he was love-able, there was just something mischievous/evil about him *lol*)….  and the list goes on.

Thanks to Puddy I learnt how to “give shots” as he ended up being diabetic (needing twice daily insulin injections).  Near the end of his life, he was three quarters blind as well (thus giving me experience with nearly blind animals).

Now I share my life with Marnie who is a mostly black with white cat.  You can learn more about Marnie through my website.

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