YAY! Food nomnomnom

YAY! Food nomnomnom

I had returned from a lovely House Sit with a client (hello Charlie Buttons) … and was taking out the garbage.

Guinea Pigs found on Gold Coast - Rescued !

These are the two Guinea Pigs I found today

In my unit complex there is a huge tree and garden area in the front of all the units.  There was some movement near the fence (between my unit complex and the next one) in ‘my’ garden. It took me a second to realise.. hang on here.. they look like Guinea Pigs !

Of course I couldn’t help myself – I had to rescue them. LOL! I approached them with a calm soothing voice as well in a slow manner (so as to not scare them).  Wow! They were tame!  No bites. No real struggle. A bit of a verbal protest but otherwise the first Guinea Pig (the dark brindle one) let me put it on my knee + pat it.  The second one (the tri colour one) was the same.

If I was in a different situation, you can bet good money I would kept them (after they would’ve had a check up of course).

The container I ‘housed’ them within whilst I got ready to take them to the local vet was my un-used disinfected ‘big’ kitty litter tray.  Boy am I glad I didn’t throw it out! I also found the most grainy food I had as well as gave them some water.  Woha! They WERE hungry lil buggers! They didn’t really care about the water – gimme the food!!!

Rescued Guinea Pigs on the Gold Coast

YAY! Food! nomnomnomnom

Well, now Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue will be contacted via the vet on my behalf.  I’m going to contact them myself today to inquire if they picked these two gorgeous creatures from the local vet I left them within so as I can follow “their story” (hopefully they passed the check up!).

I do have to wonder tho’…. are they lost or were they released?  None-the-less, these two Guinea Pigs were VERY lucky to be in ‘my’ garden at that point in time when I had returned from a Live In House Sit booking!  A part of me wants to believe that they “knew” I was their angel.

Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue

Also a courtesy mention to Super Butcher Yatala Fans – THANK YOU !


  1. Yes Vanessa, the piggies passed inspection and I picked them up at 5.30. They now have their own little house down with all the other residents in my shelter. They’ve been madly munching on carrots, apples and cucumber but aren’t at all interested in the oaten chaff or the bottle of water. It makes me wonder if they were ever fed a dry mix. You’d be surprised (and alarmed) at how many people think that their piggies can survive and be healthy on a diet of just fruit and veggies (usually the “scraps” >:)and give them no hay or chaff mix.
    Thankyou for rescuing these little guys. I’ll keep you updated on how they’re are doing. Unfortunately there have been a lot of piggy dumpings of late. One was recently found in the middle of the soccer field next to Sharks. The lady brought him here for a checkup and is keeping him as she has other piggies. She’s named him “Big Daddy” and boy is he BIG!!! Biggest piggy I’ve ever seen and a real gentle giant.


  1. […] thanks to Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue.  Don’t you agree that they are looking great ?  Compare them with the photos I took when I found them and I would say that they are thriving […]

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