A fundraiser for the Animal Welfare League

Getting Good Behaviour from Pets

Thursday April 29, Animal Welfare League, Coombabah, Gold Coast.

The first of many seminars to be held at the Animal Welfare League, this seminar is all about how to get the best behaviour you can from your cat or dog.

The Getting Good Behaviour from Pets seminar is ideally suited to pet owners, pet trainers, veterinarians, vet nurses, pet groomers… basically anyone who has an interest in how to humanely and kindly create behaviour change in animals.

Focusing on how to create this behaviour change using positive reinforcement, and how to identify whether or not you’re rewarding theright behaviour, this seminar is a must for all pet owners who want to help their pet be the best it can be.

Many talk about positive reinforcement training, but few know the secrets of how that works. This seminar will tell you those secrets.

This seminar is a fundraiser for the Animal Welfare League, and tickets cost $55. Included in the price is a bonus one month’s membership to www.PETHEALTH.com.au, valued at $22.


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